BSA Troop 200 policy for Troop committee review of Eagle Project 
(Adopted 8/9/2003)
(Updated 8/8/2005)
(Revised 1/29/2008)

To: All members of BSA Troop 200
From: Herb Elting / Troop Committee
Re: Submission policy for Eagle projects for Troop project review board

Effective immediately, all Eagle project writeups for Troop
project review board must be submitted 7 days minimum, prior to
your need for the review.  Troop board of review Chair,
Mr Gantt Edmiston, will schedule your project review with 7 to
15 days after submittal in the acceptable format.

Note you MUST use the required form as outlined in the Eagle
rank requirement 5 and available here:  Adobe Acrobat PDF format  Microsoft Word Doc format  Rich Text Format - MS Wordpad

Never delete or move any part of these forms, instead add to the form
with your specific information.  Leave all form sections in the same
order as the original form.  Always submit your project for review 
with ALL pages from the original form.

The Life Scout must submit 4 copies of his project for review 
to Mr. Tom Allen, (Gantt Edmiston will accept these project 
submissions in the absence of Mr Tom Allen.)  One of these 4
copies may be in electronic (original) format.  It may be 
delivered via CD, USB key drive, DVD data drive or via email
to "troop200 AT rtpnet DOT org" (replace AT with @ and DOT
with ".", remove all spaces and special characters)  Note
always check with Mr Edmiston before emailing your project
plan.  Often plans that are larger than 8 megabytes should be
split into multiple sections or delivered via another method.

Mr. Allen will give one of the 4 project books to Troop 
Communications Chair, Gantt Edmiston for scanning and 
submission to the Troop webpage for Leadership online review.

Electronic copies of the project are acceptable and 
encouraged, but not required.  Preferred formats for 
electronic submittal are PDF or MS-Word.  Electronic 
submittals do NOT replace the required 4 hard-copies as
previously defined.

Interested Leadership should take time to review the 
projects prior to the scheduled project review meeting.  Bring 
your comments, concerns and questions to the meeting and 
be prepared to submit them to the Scout for his evaluation 
and education.  If you cannot make this meeting and you 
have comments, you should make these comments to the Scout's 
Eagle mentor, who in turn will make the Scout aware during 
the project review meeting.