Driving directions to Norfolk Naval Base
Mileage is ESTIMATED from map software

From Cary:
Exit ###   Route                       City direction                            Approx mileage covered
----       Chatham to Maynard to 54 East to I-40 to Wade to I-440 East                0

Exit  13   I-440 to US-64 East         Zebulon/Nashville/Rocky Mount                 15

Exit 138   US-64A to I-95 North        Roanoke Rapids/Weldon/ bypass Nashville       45

Approx. mile marker 142 on I-95 North  State rest area                               50
Approx. mile marker 181 at NC/VA line  State rest area                               89
Leave NC/Enter Virginia

Exit  11   I-95  to US-58 East         Emporia, VA                                  101

Exit  13   US-58 to US-460             Watkins Corner/Kingsdale/Kilby/Suffolk       156

Exit  ??   US-58/460 to US-460/13      By-pass around (north of     Suffolk         ---

Exit  ??   US-460/13 to I-64/264 East  Algren/Portsmouth/Norfolk                    168

Exit 299   I-64/264 to I 64 West       Counter-clockwise loop around 
                                                           (south of) Norfolk       180

Exit 276C  I-64 to I 564 Naval Base    North East of Norfolk                        184

----       I-564 to Naval Base Gate 2  2nd gate at base